Study & Career Fields

As an initial guide, we have sorted the different study programs into eight main areas of study and future career fields. This will help you to make the first rough selection.

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Society & Education

How do people manage to live peacefully with one another? And what roles do upbringing and education play in a constantly changing world? Young people studying in the area "Society and Education" at Bremen University learn about the political, social, socio-economic, geographical, economic, historical and cultural conditions which lie at the heart of peaceful coexistence in a global world community. If you are interested in inquiring into apparently self-evident correlations, enjoy intellectual debate, and are not afraid of long texts, then this is the right area of studies for you.

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Culture, Media, Art & Music

No matter where we go, culture, media, art and music confront us everywhere in one way or another. Whether you wish to pursue a career working for the press, radio, television, museums, schools, or monument preservation, in the travel branch or publishing houses: The cultural study programs at Bremen University open up a broad spectrum of career opportunities for its students.

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Teaching Career

To impart knowledge to others: That is the ambition shared by many students who decide to study for a career in teaching. The teacher training programs at Bremen University offer students a strong link between theory and practice. Scientific contents of teaching are coupled with teaching methodology and courses on educational science, all supplemented by periods of practical teaching experience in Bremen schools.

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Human & Health Sciences

Analysing social and environmental changes, recognizing causes and risks to physical and mental health and reacting adequately. These and other skills learn studients in the study programm human and health sciences. Are you interested in individual health or maybe more in questions concerning public health? The study programms of the University of Bremen qualify graduates for different professions in the social health system.

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Nature & Environment

What influence has climate change on the environment? How do biological, chemical and physical processes interact and how does the environment respond to these processes? What materials are enduring, how can they be produced environmentally friendly and how can they be recycled? What can we learn from Earth history from geological sediments, ice cores and rocks? These and many other questions are addressed in the study programms in the field of Nature and Environment.

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Language & Literature

Live abroad and still feel at home. A first step in this direction is to be able to speak a foreign language and therefore gain a better understanding of the underlying culture of a country. At Bremen University students can participate in comprehensive language and literature programs with a strong focus on interdisciplinary approaches and internationality, opening up a multitude of career possibilities at home and abroad.

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Economics & Law

Euro crisis, national debt, changes in the economic climate demand an understanding of economic interrelations. Companies figtht for their share in the market and try to conquer new markets. Can a shop assistant be fired because of a minor loss? Which parent is supposed to take custody of the children after a divorce? What kind of income can be deducted from social welfare? Studies in Economy and Law enable to cope professionally with this kind of problems.

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Mathematics, Engineering & Production

Are you interested in natural sciences and do you love solving mathematical and technical problems? Would you like to do fundamental research and to develop maschines, controlling- and computer systems? Or are you a professional already and would like to extent your knowledge? The study programmes of the University of Bremen teach interdisciplinary science and prepare for different professions in this field of work.